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Why Love has NO Labels- Diversity & Inclusion

It is safe to say that TODAY we live in a different word, where some feel that it is fine to utter their hate for anything that is different that what they perceive is normal to them regardless of what the others feel about it Hatred have been taking front seats, where it is not only articulated but also combined with violence and killing of innocent lives I have been deeply moved by what has been happening lately: The Manchester bombing, the bombings in Paris and Germany, the suicide bombing in the Middle East, The San Bernardino killings, The Orlando Shooting in a Gay nightclub, it is a very long list that it can take this whole page. Our country divided by political, ethnic, gun related i

How to Stop Bullying in Schools?

So many young lives have been cut short, because some felt the sick need to bully others, to feel superior not because they were great but because they put others down so they can shine ! SICK, SICK, SICK! Tyler Clementi, Billy Lucas, Asher Brown, Seth Walsh, and recently an 8 year old boy from Cincinnati "Gabe Taye" what do they have in common? They all committed suicide, including an 8 year old boy, yes an 8 year old boy - to end the torment of being bullied and harassed in school. I remember at 8 years old all what I new was playing with my dolls. Tyler Clementi (18): A brilliant violinist, in New Jersey, jumped off a bridge. Billy Lucas (15): Hanged himself in Greensburg. Asher Brown (13

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