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I am an ID (Inclusion and Diversity) advocate whose mission is to eliminate discrimination or at least reduce it.

To be a force of good and resource of knowledge

who enjoys teaching empathy and acceptance to inspire others

Sahar Andrade, MB.BCh Bio

My name is "Sahar Andrade:. I am a Diversity, Global Leadership & Culture Competence Speaker/ Consultant, certified as an E-marketer and Social Media Strategist. I lived, worked and been educated in 7 countries and 3 continents; I speak 5 languages (English. French, Spanish, Arabic and conversational Hebrew). I hold a Double Bachelors of Medicine, and Surgery, Minor in Psychiatry from Cairo University (never practiced Medicine); and successfully completed a Mastery of HR Studies Certificate Program.


Very honored to be a "TED TALK" and a "SUE Talk" Speaker. I spoke at the "United States of Women Conference 2018" at the community level about "Gender Equality".

I grew up as a Diplomatic brat. I got used to change early on. Because my family moved to a new country every four years, I had to constantly adjust to new places, new cultures, and new diverse friends. It wasn't until later on did I realize that I grew up absorbing new cultures, habits, behaviors, attitudes and in some time beliefs and languages with every move. And trust me, it wasn't easy. I would initially feel uncomfortable and scared to go to a new school and meet new people until “Culture Competence” – though I didn’t know at the time that it was called that - became my second nature.
I hated moving when I was young, now I realized I was destined to become who I am today, being a voice to unite people, showing them that we need t accept each other not tolerate each other, that our beauty is actually in our differences that can increase our strength, innovation, creativity and learning, that our differences can make a difference in the world.


I have been nominated for the "Women awards & Council 2018" by the LA Business Journal. My training programs received "Congressional Recognition" in 2016 & 2017, recognized by the “State Senate”, the “State Assembly” as well as the “Board of Equalization” two consecutive years in 2017 being nominated as a "Woman Advocate of the year 2017" as a “Women of Influence: Woman breaking barriers” in 2016. I have been honored as an “Inspirational Woman” in 2015I was awarded the “Diversity Insights award 2015” by the National Diversity Council, and awarded the “Leadership Excellence award 2014” by hr.com.

The base of Diversity and Inclusion is “Respect” and “Acceptance” of everyone for who they are not who we want them to be and there is a huge difference
Soon enough I realized that diversity doesn’t work without Inclusion, and that both have a direct correlation to how employees act and interact with each other, how teams can be harmonious, building great diverse teams with effective communication, proper conflict resolution that increases harmony and employee engagement that leads to decreased absenteeism, turn over, law suits and increases productivity that directly affects revenues

I have a vision and passion in my life that I need to make a reality...and I did. It isn't easy and it isn't without a lot of pain as when diversity and beliefs are discussed it touches raw nerves and sometimes the conversations are not comfortable. But I promised myself to keep working on bringing people together by education them about Diversity & Inclusion, sensitivity, acceptance and Unconscious bias

I am the instructional designer and the author of the Culture Competence training course for the Beryl Institute academy as well as the "Gender Equality" presentation on HR Genius by hr.com


I appeared multiple times on nationally syndicated radio like 1100 AM KFNX news radio. I gave speeches at Mattel, United States of Women Conference, University of Phoenix, USC , UCLA, Cal State Long Beach, Cal State Dominguez Hills, Cal State San Bernardino, SBA (Small Business Administration), LA Convention Center, and the Woodbury University, I also spoke at many conferences locally, in Canada and overseas.

I have been featured as an SME (Subject Matter Expert) numerous times in many National magazines’ articles as: Diversity Executive, and Diversity Bar. 

I am a Business Advisor at PCR-SBDC a subsidiary of the “Small Business Administration” helping small business grow using Social Media and Marketing.

I termed as a Board Member for NAAAHR, Currently a board member of Leadership Circle of change, Board Member - Social Media Chair for Los Angeles Diversity Council.

My current clients’ list include government agencies, public utilities, non profits, recruiting companies, healthcare and educational organizations as well chambers of commerce. I am the founder of “Sahar Consulting, LLC” and “Reinvent Yourself to Greatness

My “Reinvent Yourself to Greatness & Gain control of your life” online signature program will be released end of 2018.




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