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Diversity Training

"Sahar Consulting, LLC." is a Diversity business consulting firm in Los Angeles, CA.

Our training programs not only protects organizations and minimize potential claims of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation; along with the costs and risks of litigation based on employee claims; but can also be a powerful defense against claims for punitive damages because it demonstrates a company’s good faith commitment to an equal opportunity workplace

Diversity challenges stem from a lack of understanding of our own and other people’s attitudes and perceptions stemming from different cultures. This perception determines how we view and, consequently, treat people who “see” things differently than we do.

We encourage participation of the whole organization from the top to bottom and from bottom up, including the C-suite, directors, managers, supervisors, administrators, and clerical workers.

Diversity and Inclusion training

Diversity Training Programs help:

  • Create a culture of appreciation for diversity, inclusion and cross-cultures

  • Develop an effective communication strategy

  • Make better decisions without bias or prejudice

  • Be aware of self bias and prejudice

  • Develop great future diverse leaders

  • Nurture a cross-cultural leadership environment

  • Make diversity initiatives work for your organization pushing the envelope on cross-cultural skills and issues

  • Make your organization an employer of choice, that can easily recruit and retain diverse talents

  • Identify negative behaviors that can affect your organization as: Stereotypes, any “ISMs” and correct them

  • Increase employees engagement and performance to their maximum capacity

  • Create a culture of Trust, Respect to build effective relationships through acceptance.

  • Align your organization’s goals, mission and vision with those of your employees to secure their buy-ins and engagement.

  • Decrease conflicts and anxiety arising from a diverse workforce, establishing conflict resolution and management techniques.

  • Enhance your management-employee relationship, as well as between employees and each other

  • Create a safe environment where differences are welcome, valued and integrated helping your employees to their next level of achievement and work satisfaction

  • Create an action plan for both leadership& employees effectiveness

Tailor-made programs

As your business partners, we design tailor-made Diversity training programs to meet your specific business needs to impact your leadership and employees teams meaningfully. As part of the process, we establish mutually the expectations, the business goals of the program, changes needed if any and how they will be implemented, how the training will fit in your general strategy, who will be trained?

Our tailor-made training programs use different methodologies to fit every single learning style: Visual, Auditory, and Kinetics

In a weakened economy, anxiety and stress arise giving way to negative behaviors, that are toxic to productivity, innovation and engagement. If we do not address these issues as they arise they fester and the whole workplace environment becomes toxic.

diversity and inclusion training

Our programs are geared to:

Our training programs allow your employees to become aware of unconscious Our Our training programs allow your employees to become aware of unconscious behaviors that often enables prejudice and conflicts. In parallel lines, they increase the employees engagement and performance as they take pride in holding themselves accountable for their role in achieving the organization mission and goals. When an organization values its employees they return the favor in offering value.

Our programs are geared to:

  • Assess the business impact of your own culturally-based preferences, biases, and cultural norms and define developmental plans to help move forward more effectively.

  • Define and differentiate between diversity, inclusion, intercultural competence, Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), and Affirmative Action. State their distinct and complementary characteristics, and how each is relevant to business.

  • Describe how you and the team in which you participate intend to work differently so that you achieve the full benefits of diversity and inclusion.

  • Describe what an inclusive workplace looks like and its benefits to all employees and to our business.

  • Learn practical skills and tools to build individual and group effectiveness.

  • Start your own personal action plan to help the organization achieve a more inclusive workplace.

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