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Sahar Consulting, LLC. is a Diversity business consulting firm in Los Angeles, CA.

Diversity is hardly a new concept, diversity is at the heart of what the U.S. stands for, it is at the heart of demographics composition of people, the way people think, the way people perform their tasks and perceive others.

A diverse workforce has a business advantage as it can bring a variety of experiences, innovative solutions and creative point of views that generate a better understanding of the marketplace, customer needs, and shareholders making organizations stronger and better prepared for the future. Nevertheless, when people from different backgrounds meet and start to interact, conflicts can arise.

At the workplace, diversity is an environment where differences are valued and integrated into every part of every day to day organizational operation.
Diversity is about asset building and not finding problems, it is about finding our similarities and working with our differences. Diversity and inclusion mean respecting and valuing all nationalities, cultures, religions, sexual orientation, ages, abilities and disabilities, gender economic and social backgrounds and diversity of thoughts.
Each group has its own culture, and it is important to note that there are cultural differences within the same group. Many people including some leadership positions have a misguided perception that cultures are only about people’s skin colors, different ethnicities or religions, which is very surprising considering the emphasis that is being placed on diversity and the importance therein.

Culture is behind everything we feel, do, say, and perceive, it also controls our behaviors. Cross-cultural awareness is a crucial part of any modern organization if they want to find their place in the global market or even within the multi-cultural domestic market.
Diversity and Inclusion start with
D.I.A.L.O.G.™(Exchanging ideas through conversation) the reasoning behind our signature programs, it is about sharing and exchanging best practices and being committed to honest and clear dialogue that result in inclusion.

Diversity in non-profit Boards

Diversity Consulting

Increasingly, both research and "bottom line" information indicate that attending to diversity and cross-cultural issues is an extremely cost-effective investment in terms of human and financial resources for achieving organizational goals. When people feel valued and are at ease in their personal and work space, not only they add value but they also increase productivity and creativity ensues. This translates into higher talents recruitment and retention on the internal side and higher customer satisfaction and customer retention on the external side.

sahar andrade diversity, equity,inclusion and leadership award winning

Bridging the Generational Gap Diversity

Diversity is not a nice thing to do but is the right thing to do for business, the advantages of diversity management in the workplace are many most importantly it has a direct correlation with decreased high turnover, absenteeism, low morale, and most importantly high legal penalties and law suits, while increasing employee engagement, increasing productivity, ability to attract, recruit, and retain diverse talents thus increasing revenues
A major diversity concern these days is that we are at a unique moment in history; we now have four soon to be five generations working side by side in the workforce.
Organizations are facing challenges managing different work ethics, communication styles, values, and approaches to teamwork, work-life balance expectations and relationships to authority.

Unconscious Bias

People are made to feel secure with people that look, feel and speak like them, and feel threatened and fear from the OTHER that can be different gender, color, country, or different sexual orientation. Fear translates to reactions. OUR reactions are a result of incidents that cause the brain to recall previous similar associations from our earlier programming- our brain connects in a similar way by the trigger if we perceive danger if different people from different backgrounds; different things can get triggered
Then we start seeing the world in a dualism way or basically US against THEM depending on who you are could be political, gender, race etc. we have a tendency to create a wall between us and these people internally without feeling it.

By gaining a deeper understanding of the biases that influence our perceptions, we can better manage relationships and resolve conflict.

Unconscious Bias training
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