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Leadership = H.E.A.R.T.™

Leadership is an interpersonal process by which an individual influences the behavior and attitudes of others. It is about relationships.

A leader with no followers is not a leader, hence Leadership=

H: Human Relations built across different cultures
E: Empathy to others no matter how different they are
A: Attitude, Awareness of our own culture/ bias, Acceptance of others
R: Respect to ALL – Respect is given to everyone
T: Trust others that might be different

The more human leaders are, the better they are at leading. We lead people, to create loyalty we need to value the people, the way they want to be valued based on their culture.

Being a cross-cultural leader is being open minded, accepting uncertainty and ambiguity, respecting others, and constructively agreeing that there are cultural differences and be comfortable with them

Leadership HEART & Emotional Intelligence

Why care about Employee Engagement?

According to a recently released Gallup poll, nearly 18 percent of the workforce is actively disengaged, resulting in absenteeism and accidents, poor

customer service, and, in general, a lot of extra work for their colleagues and supervisors.
In fact, Gallup estimates costs businesses US$550 billion annually- employee engagement levels are once again below 30 percent, Gallup’s extensive research shows that employee engagement is strongly connected to business outcomes essential to an organization’s financial success, including productivity, profitability, and customer satisfaction

What care about employee engagement?

Sahar Consulting, LLC

What is Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement is a great workplace practice if an organization wants its clients to feel they belong, feel that the workplace is where they want to be every day, going out of their way to make sure that the goals of the organization are achieved.
Employee Engagement is achieved by offering the proper positive environment for the employees where they feel valued for who they are not who they want them to be, It is about returning to the basics, when you value people they give you value back every single day as they are committed, motivated to contribute to the success of the organisation. They take pride in their jobs and in the organization they feel they represent.

Leadership training

Sahar Consulting, LLC


With years of experience with hundreds of Employee Engagement projects, we are equipped to be your partner in taking your organization to the next level. At Sahar Consulting, LLC, we combine our insights on how to transform your organization with the capabilities and experience to do so. We’re proud to help shape how leading organizations structure and manage their business to increase and maintain high levels of Employee Engagement.

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