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Sahar Consulting, LLC manages to solve critical business issues by providing a best-in-class approach with a quality team. When it comes to the evolution of their organizations, our clients are no strangers to innovation. We help make this process easier by fostering collaboration and employee engagement.

Offering leadership training for your employees has a tremendous ROI return for employers in terms of employees' attracting, recruiting,retention, motivation and overall production,as managers and supervisors will be better prepared for the unique challenges they face.

Employees leave managers and do not leave jobs due to poor management styles. By developing good leaders, your organization can reduce turnover, improve morale, and increase production.









Tough times call for effective leaders. Modern businesses face modern pressures. Due to the increasingly international globalization and therefore cross-cultural nature of businesses, leadership today requires the ability to direct and inspire across cultural boundaries.

A great leader leads by example, guides, motivates and generates a sense of trust in their people. Qualities as empathy, integrity, reliability, honesty, clear vision, humility, courage, commitment, sincerity, passion, confidence, positivity, wisdom and sensitivity are at the core of leadership success.
However, the leadership skills and qualities are displayed and understood differently across cultures. Authentic Leadership is leading from within through all adversity encountered and lead with courage.






Our leadership development programs target basic supervisory skills, as well as the higher-level competencies needed by senior executives, helping them to gain a clear perspective of their strengths and challenges

Strengths and challenges comprise skills to assess and manage employee engagement, develop a mindset that drives results while creating a positive and supportive work environment through meeting the diverse team needs of each member and motivating them accordingly.

Leaders are about elevating their teams to the next level, by supporting them, addressing unsatisfactory habits in a constructive non-threatening manner, resolving conflicts arising from the diversity of the teams either by age, gender, race, ethnicity, education, religion, abilities/ disabilities and thoughts.

Leadership VS. Management

Leadership through Adversity

Achieving Better Results in Less Time

The effectiveness of any organization or any Government agency for that matter depends on strong leadership. In the current turbulent political and economic environment, the continual transformation of leaders that are or will be responsible for making the most critical decisions to ensure a safe and successful future for our Communities become a matter of  utmost urgency.

In order to optimize success and readiness, leaders must continually strengthen and reinforce their technical skills, political savvy, soft skills, and leadership capabilities.

This is where we at “Sahar Consulting, LLC” can provide your leaders with a broad range of developmental opportunities. We help organizations build alignment between their leaders and performance goals by accelerating the growth of human potential. Sahar Consulting, LLC’s mission is to provide innovative ways to:
• Strengthen leadership effectiveness
• Raise the Bar on your bottom line results
• Maximize individual and team output
• Boost personal potential to thrive

We, at Sahar Consulting, LLC through our programs and curricula will help participants discover their hidden talents, create new patterns of behavior to accelerate success, and address critical leadership gaps in order to advance to that next level.

Several of our courses have been accredited by HRCI (Human Resources Certification Institute) re-certification credits, and some of our programs course meets the qualifications for hours of continuing education credits for MFTs, RNs, and LCSWs as required by the California Board of Registered Nurses, BRN# 03853 and the California Behavioral Sciences BBS# PCE 446.

Meeting Leadership Challenges

Goal Setting and Achievement

Meeting Leadership Challenges

Our services cater to clients interested in modifying their leadership development companies. Changes have an impact, sometimes quite dramatic, economically, politically, socially, legally, organizationally, and even personally.

In too many organizations today, Interpersonal and leadership development skills, as well business acumen are a missing leadership competency. Managers and supervisors without interpersonal skills like conflict resolution, effective communication, active listening, and decision making lack an in-depth understanding of how their actions impact the company’s profitability; they struggle to articulate and execute on strategy.

A shift in the winds of an organization’s strategy can prompt all sorts of demands from the leadership team.

Motivation for


As a leader you don’t get a second shot at making a first impression. One of your roles is motivating and inspiring your team, as well as coaching them and this is the difference between a manager and a leader.

To be a role model you need to take care of your own personal leadership development. We do group coaching as well as One on One executive leadership Coaching to help leaders at organizations develop their own brand, be aware how others see them, develop their Emotional Intelligence and Appreciative Inquiry using the latest research and studies. We Tailor our programs to fit your organization's culture and core values.

Through developing the leaders' EQ and AI Index, leaders can motivate their employees for results

Leadership Characteristics/ Toxic Leadership

Coaching for Results

Clients often approach Sahar Consulting, LLC wanting to change their business model. Our services cater to clients interested in modifying their companies but are unsure how to do it. In this project we really helped our client's capabilities grow and evolve. Today, their business has completely turned around and we’re proud to have been a part of this process.

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