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Named one of the top 100 DEIA visionaries of 2023
By the LA Times 

Nominated for the 2021/2022& 2023 Diversity & Inclusion Award

-by the LA Business Journal

Entrepreneurship programs received Congressional recognition (FWDB)

Named One of the Nation's Authorities on Diversity

-by the LA Business Journal

Sahar Andrade Diversity equity inclusion consultant
DEI and Leadership consultation
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As an organization thriving to be an “Employer of choice”

  • Do you have a challenge creating awareness and understanding around the importance of DEI or the impact of biases and discrimination in the workplace to your employees. That leads to resistance, ignorance, and perpetuation of harmful stereotypes.

  • Does the lack of comprehensive and inclusive practices and policies in your organization create some kind of unwelcoming work environment?

  • Is the morale down especially between marginalized employees who may face exclusion, biases, and limited opportunities for growth stifling morale and diminishes overall organizational cohesion?

  • Is there a lack of a generalized lack of psychological safety between your employees and the leaders.

  • Do you suffer from communication breakdown as different perspectives and voices may go unheard or undervalued, hindering effective collaboration and problem-solving. Misunderstandings, conflicts, and mistrust become commonplace, impeding progress and inhibiting cooperation.

  • Is your employee level of engagement low, creating low job satisfaction. Employees feel undervalued, marginalized, or excluded, leading to reduced motivation, productivity, and loyalty. This dissatisfaction can lead to high employee turnover rates and difficulty attracting and retaining top talent.

Welcome to Sahar Consulting: Empowering Organizations through Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Excellence

As an award-winning industry leader in the realm of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) consulting, training, and Coaching; Sahar Consulting is your trusted partner in transforming workplaces into thriving and inclusive environments.


With our unrivaled expertise and proven track record, we are dedicated to helping organizations develop inclusive and compassionate leadership that drives team building, harmony, and unparalleled productivity.


At Sahar Consulting, we understand that fostering a truly inclusive culture goes beyond surface-level initiatives.


That's why we specialize in addressing the underlying factors that contribute to workplace challenges. Our cutting-edge solutions delve into the realm of psychological safety and unconscious bias, using neuroscience-backed practices to effect profound mindset shifts.


Our tailored solutions minimize unconscious bias and dismantle harmful stereotypes concepts, empowering individuals, and teams to thrive in an environment that values diversity and embraces inclusion.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Branding Consulting

Let our Difference MAKE a difference in the world

"Sahar Consulting, LLC." is a " California State Certified Small Business" Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Inclusive Leadership, Culture Competence, and Global Marketing consulting business firm in Los Angeles, CA, with a special niche in Branding (personal& Business)

A business case for DEI

Minorities demographics are growing to become majorities by the year 2043

More women are in executive positions, single mothers, and head of households

Retiring conservatives and baby boomers creating a void in the workforce that will need to be filled by Gen X and Gen Y

The presence of FIVE different Generations in the workplace

Number of new legal immigrants increasing every year over One Million.

Same sex families are on the rise

Political and economical changes like the EU, NAFTA

Rise of some Asian countries like China and India.

Rise of Inter-racial marriages increasing the multi-cultural population

Our tailored programs and strategies are designed to create lasting change, effectively reducing absenteeism, employee turnover, and the prevalence of hostile work environments. By cultivating an inclusive workplace, you unlock the full potential of your workforce, inspiring innovation, collaboration, and organizational success.

What sets Sahar Consulting apart is our authoritative expertise, research-driven insights, and unwavering commitment to delivering measurable results.

Our team of experienced consultants and trainers will guide you through a comprehensive journey, providing guidance, support, and practical tools to navigate the complexities of DEI.

With our partnership, you can rest assured that your organization will gain a competitive edge, attract and retain top talent, and create an environment where diversity is celebrated, equity is practiced, and inclusion is the norm.

Now is the time to take bold action and embrace the transformative power of diversity and inclusion. Experience the Sahar Consulting difference and unlock a workplace that cultivates harmony, inspires productivity, and fosters a sense of belonging for all. Together, we will propel your organization to new heights of success in an increasingly diverse and dynamic world.



"Reinvent Yourself To Greatness/ So You Think You Can Entrepreneur" is a DBA and subsidiary of Sahar Consulting, LLC. It offers "Entrepreneurship Training and Entrepreneurs' Coaching programs"

We showcase the importance of diversity and culture competence in planning marketing campaigns either in traditional or social media marketing. Our services have helped many companies and organization, get that edge to perform better than their competition by intertwining Diversity and Marketing. Unless marketing is catered to the right people it will fall on deaf ears. We have dozens of examples of cross-cultural mistakes done by major international companies that have cost them millions of dollars in losses.

The more an organization can sell their products or provide services to a bigger diverse customer base, the more profitable they are in generating more revenues.

The importance for diversity management and training is a business imperative for any successful organization not only as a defense against claims for punitive damages, minimizing the risks and costs of discrimination and harassment lawsuits by demonstrating your organization commitment to be an equal opportunity employer, but also is crucial due to the rapid demographic changes not only in the United States but also globally

Inclusive leadership- Public speaker

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