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Gender equality, Diversity, and Inclusion at the 2018 Oscars

Diversity, Inclusion and gender diversity

This is not a political post or rant, so please do not turn it into one

Voices are finally starting to be heard, Action is finally being taken, and we still have a long road ahead but #TimeIsUp on complacency and silence

For the first time in many many years- Oscars got it right – though their ratings have plummeted down this year by at least 16% (Nielsen). I guess people were getting tired from not feeling they belong, or not being represented in a huge annual event as the ”Oscars”.

The Oscars night this year was about inclusion. I did pay attention – I gave it my undivided attention the whole night- I noticed representation as it should be:

· Caucasians

· Latinos

· African Americans

· Native Americans

· Asians

· Women and Men

· LGBT community represented

· Different ages and generations

· Different ethnicities

· Different languages and accents

· Different sizes

· Disabilities

The song “This is me” at Oscars’ night displayed a beautiful diverse and inclusive cast from “Keala Settle” the beautiful curvy singer that performed a great emotional song, to the covered Muslim dancer.

What a better end than the acceptance speech by "Frances McDormand" ending it with honoring all women nominated, asking for Gender Equality, and "Inclusion Rider"

Jordan Peele made history with his 'Get Out' win, as well as Guillermo Del Toro immigrant acceptance speech.

My heart couldn’t be any happier, finally they are starting to get it, and few times I even had tears in my eyes

I am happy to see that they didn’t just concentrate on sexual harassment in form of victims but actual faces and voices that showed taking action rather than staying in the box of being victimized.

Out of every breakdown comes a breakthrough.

I believe the time of talking is done, now the time for action is overdue

#TimeIsUp is the next step. I was excited to see so many women being recognized in all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, industries and age

Immigrants were honored tonight- the beauty of our country is in its diversity-

Love conquers hate every time-

But we need to act, one voice coupled by another becomes a force to reckon with, becomes loud and command others to listen

Through love and acceptance we can bring inclusion.

Inclusion needs awareness of what exclusion is, of what bias is, of what prejudice and is, of what stereotyping is. Awareness needs education and education needs voices to share it.

When we do not speak, we fail everyone primarily we fail ourselves and who we love and never ever reach our true potential.

Where I come from they say “Whoever doesn’t speak against injustice is a mute devil”

When we let fear and intimidation rule our lives we fail. Silence becomes a form of violence.

Making our voices heard, doesn’t mean loud voices, getting in someone's face, destroying properties, or using hate against each other

We can be loving, gentle, understanding, empathetic, respectful and still voice our opinions, be assertive stand our ground and do not back down.

We need to start with ourselves, Gandhi said:

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

"An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind."

We will never be loved or liked by everyone and it is perfectly fine, we need to stand for what we believe in, only ten we can reach our “WHY” we exist in this life-p to make it better and leave the place a better loving and accepting place for generations to come

Representation matters, inclusion is a right not just a privilege but it goes both sides not only one side, if we want to be included we need to include others as well, it is not a one way street

No matter who we are we shouldn’t accept marginalization of any group or culture of people anymore

We are all humans, wanting the same basics in life sharing the same values at core – we need to build bridges and not burn them

We can’t live in denial anymore, understanding that they will always be people that are rotten, bad examples and anomalies in every single group of people, regardless of color, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, sexuality, etc.

The times we live in right now is the eye of the storm, that is always followed by the calmness, then the destruction will need to be rebuilt. Rebuilding will require all of us, shoulder to shoulder and hand in hand

We need to open our hearts through our different voices slowly building the path to engagement

The damage wasn’t done overnight and will take time to be repaired. We need to speak up our truth, no matter how hard it is

We need to break the barriers of fear from everyone that doesn’t look like we do, that is different from us

Our brain was created against diversity, it was created to protect us, to defend us, to keep us in the comfort zone from what it perceives to be a danger, it considers that differences are a danger to our lives since the cavemen times, so it keeps us in status quo and creates our unconscious bias.

We need to fight against our own intuitions and perceptions, it takes an effort to do that to go against how your brain is trying to keep us safe

We need to deconstruct how we look at each other


This is the time that we have technology at our fingertips and with it comes power –p but it is only a tool that needs users- we are the users


Women can’t be silenced anymore and will not stand still against harassment


To shame everyone that is different


To disrespect the LGBTQ community


To under evaluate or marginalize people with disabilities


To make fun of people that are heavier in weight or have an accent


To accept bullying in any form or shape


To accept exclusion and division



To rebuild our inclusion path, open our heats for each other, accept those who are different and accept them for who they are not who we want them to be

Acceptance doesn’t mean adopting others values and behaviors it means accepting that there are differences and it is OK


For all our voices to be heard equally


For respect, for love, for acceptance, for gender equality and for inclusion

What are you doing to make that happen? What are you doing to leave a legacy to your children and grandchildren by making this world better?

This is not a political post, Diversity of thoughts and opinions are great but please do not take it to a political debate this is not the forum for it

Diversity starts at home,

Diversity starts at home,

What do you think? Let me hear what you have to say with respect-

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