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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

                      New Marketing Era
Social media has totally changed our lives and our way of communication with our prospects, and our clients.
We live in a permission-based marketing culture where clients are in control of any information disseminated to them, they want to control what information they consume, when and how they do it, and which companies/ products or services they choose to engage.
To build successful marketing strategies businesses have to engage their audience and prospects and nurture the prospective buyers/ clients. Traditional marketing practiced for decades “Outbound marketing” is moving to a new era of marketing we call "Inbound Marketing". Social media is causing a fundamental shift in how people use the Internet and how they interact with each other. It is about how the Internet has evolved into a communication medium between peers or members of a community. For us at Sahar Consulting as marketers this means that social media must be used to analyze brand sentiment, listen to customer needs, recruit talent and collaborate with partners to help our customers.

What is Social Media?


Social media is a 2-way conversation to facilitate continuing dialogue, and communication with intended audience. It is about building and nurturing relationships. It allows community interaction using web 2.0. Social media includes: Search engines, social networks, blogs, Vblogs, micro-blogs, message boards, instant messaging (IM), webcasts, email and podcasts, it is created by the people for the people.

                    Why should you care?

People with same interests are finding each other online, conducting conversations and creating groups forming communities that can become very influential on their respective members. Conversations regarding companies are taking place right now online — these companies may like it or not, they may contribute to them or not. But the reality is that these conversations are not going away, so whichever companies fail to jump on the social media bandwagon will be left in the cold. Companies that are not getting involved NOW can potentially cause irreparable damage to brands!

How can Sahar Consulting help your business?

Businesses, especially Entrepreneurs, small, and mid-size businesses, with a tight budget need to develop a marketing plan that includes a successful social media strategy that takes into account the different social media platform technologies and most importantly how each of them fits into the business branding process and the goals and mission of the business. The strategy will take in account what your business wants to accomplish and what role the strategy itself will play in the overall marketing plan of a business.
We are certified as Social Media Strategists, you will hit the ground. You as a business can question why to outsource your social media marketing efforts and why not to have it in-house, or can even question the value of social media, To those we say, we will bring you results, no trials or errors, we will apply proven techniques and measurements. In planning the marketing for your business we set goals, define a strategy, and then execute. While social media is no different, it should be a part of any business overall marketing plan; if you are skeptical about investing time and money that will take to develop a well-planned social media strategy, remember: If a business doesn’t have a plan, it plans to fail – it is also important to know that social media is not the answer to all the marketing issue and is not a silver bullet.

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