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Corona Virus or Covid-19

Covid 19

We are ALL going through this challenging time and the threat of “Corona Virus” or “Covid-19”.


We need to remember that we are luckier than thousands if not millions of people around the world at least we have running water, lights, hopefully governmental help, resources, and modern technology that can help us still stay in touch on Facetime or video conferencing, and working etc.


Though, I know that some of us will suffer more than others due to the business interruptions and the quarantines either self-imposed or mandated.


Only if we stand together we can overcome this, this will not go away tomorrow or the day after – it will take a while.

Only if we #standunited we can overcome this!



I have been scheduling all my clients on video conferencing, I have even done a couple of workshops online using Zoom.

This week I am having virtual coffee and virtual lunch with some of my friends and clients


The situation is escalating quickly, and I want to make sure you’re prepared and have tools to help you in your business.


I will share as much information, help, assistance, links as I can, if you have anything to add, please do so; so, we can ALL profit from it


What I am sharing is not complete, but I like to execute my ideas rather than waiting for perfection that will never come.


You might think OMG how many times I will hear or read about this? The answer is “As many times as there is”


Let us start with the entrepreneurs and business owners that are/ will suffer from the business interruptions:



As a business owner, it’s important to do EVERYTHING you can to help protect yourself and your clients from the spread of the Corona virus. 

We need to choose to be leaders, so we can assist others the right way instead of waiting and keep depending on others and that help, or assistance might never be available.

  1. If you are a business that needs to stay open: Make sure that you limit close contacts with your clients

  2. Use gloves even if they are the surgical kind

  3. Wear masks especially if you feel you are not feeling well. Yes, the masks do not help much but at least they might prevent even a small percentage.

  4. Have hand sanitizers or disinfectant wipes available

  5. Do not hug or handshake

  6. Keep social distancing 6 feet at least

  7. Look for free resources like from the SBA, SBDC, SCORE that have been advised to help in these times (Links in resources)

  8. Take this time to re-think about all the projects, expansions, new ideas or new products that you always wanted to do but never had time to do.

  9. If you feel sick, stay home, f anyone from your staff shows any sign of sickness – send them home

  10. If you feel any flu symptoms, call your Doctor immediately


In general, you can follow some of the same tips mentioned above, and:

  1. Stay home if you can and conduct your business virtually

  2. Practice social distancing

  3. Ask that people avoid wearing their street shoes into your house, business, or workout spaces. This can help avoid tracking in any germs or bacteria. Please bring a separate pair of sneakers that you only wear inside, or have shoes covers to wear. 

  4. Practice air-high-fives, elbow bumps or even foot bumps for right now! 

  5. Sleep well and for at least 7 hours

  6. Take care of your immune system, eat well, increase vegetables and fruits high in Vitamin D, eat a healthy diet packed with vegetables, and low in red meat and refined foods, particularly sugar

  7. Stay hydrated. Drinking enough water makes it easier for your cells to do their job – plus allows your body to more easily process food and eliminate waste. Shoot for at least 8 8-ounce (240 ml) glasses a day

  8. Do not live in continuous fear or worry, stress reduces your immune system, so you are hurting yourself

  9. Avoid public transportation if possible

  10. Avoid touching your face period or at least if you haven’t washed your hands

  11. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds or longer with soap

  12. Limit non-essential travel

  13. Get some fresh air and try to exercise even in door

  14. Practice meditation or at least deep breathing exercises

  15. Wipe down any surfaces you come into contact with, disinfect your hands with an alcohol-based sanitizer 

  16. No need to hoard anything, especially toilet paper, the virus DOES NOT cause diarrhea.

  17. Think about others that might need some of the supplies that you are hoarding for their little child or their aging parents


Being young, doesn’t mean that you are immune, you might not be showing symptoms, but you can infect others if you have been exposed to the virus either you are conscious about it or not


While we do NOT want to cause any panic or fear, it’s important to be on top of the situation and take the necessary steps to keep yourself and your members healthy.

These are few resources

Keep Checking this page on my website:



I will keep adding resources and I will share the schedule of my Facebook Live or Zoom webinars about

  • Disrupted business

  • Overcoming fear

  • How to use this time wisely

  • What to do with your business

  • How to grow/ expand your business now

  • How to increase your personal productivity

  • How to change negative thinking to positive thinking

  • How to brand/ re-brand your business

And more

Other Resources

Products with EPA-Approved eEmerging Viral Pathogen Claims that are expected to be effective against COVID-19 based on data for harder to kill viruses. 


CDC Coronavirus “Protect Your Health”

CDC Coronavirus “What You Should Know” 

World Health Organization: Advice to the Public 


Small Business Association – Special Loans that may be available


Mayor Garcetti- City of Los Angeles page:


Disaster / Financial Support from SBA: 

  • 3 -Step Disaster Loan process:

  • Link for Apply For a Disaster Loan:


SBDC Covid-19 Webpage:


Federal Support

  • Small Business Administration (SBA) to provide up to $2M in Disaster Assistance Loans to businesses impacted by COVID-19. More

  • SBA Guidance for employers to plan and respond to COVID-19.

  • Centers for Disease Control (CDC) - Interim guidance for businesses and employers to plan, prepare and respond to coronavirus. More

  • Department of Labor - OSHA- Check out this guide - Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19. Download.

State Support

  • Employment Development Department (EDD) - Reduced Work Hours - Unemployment Insurance Work Sharing Program - alternative to layoffs. Employer Info

  • EDD Tax Assistance - request a 60 day extension to file payroll and more. Call the EDD Taxpayer Assistance Center 1-888-745-3886 (toll-free). More from EDD>>>

  • CA Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank (IBANK)- Disaster Relief Loan Guarantee Program (DRLGP), Jump Start Loan Program and more.

  • Department of Industrial Relations- Cal/OSHA Guidance on Requirements to Protect Workers from Coronavirus. Review the Aerosol Transmissible Diseases (ATD) and required protection.


Again, at this time we should come together, forget about politics and differences, let us come together so we can ALL survive safely

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