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Social Media & Marketing Packages

We Help You Stay Ahead

Our founder "Sahar Andrade, MB,BCh" has been a Social Media Business Advisor for the SBDC (Small Business Development Center) for the last five years helping small business owners grow their business using Social Media Marketing.
“Sahar Consulting, LLC.” provides Small Business owners the resources of hiring an entire marketing department at a fraction of the cost of a single employee. Our goal is to provide the strategy and support small business owners' needs to execute a comprehensive marketing plan that includes SOCIAL MEDIA. To accommodate your diverse needs and budgets, we offer both packaged and tailor made à la carte services. The packages listed here are to showcase some of the services we offer and is not comprehensive of all of our packages. We can mix & match packages as well, for any needed help, please contact US.

We manage your Social Media by offering different Social Media Packages as:

  • Comprehensive Online presence packages that includes managing and maintaining all your social media presence based on a 12 months contract

  • LinkedIn Page optimization

  • LinkedIn training

  • Facebook business creation and management

  • Twitter account creation and management

  • Blogging

  • Other Marketing Collaterals

  • Brain storming sessions

We believe that the foundation of any marketing lies in Branding, we help you:

  • Find your purpose

  • Define your branding statement

  • Find your Unique Selling Proposition

  • Put together your Elevator pitch

We also offer on-site Social Media workshops training.

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