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Global/ Cross-Cultural Marketing

Sahar Consulting, LLC. offers client-specific marketing strategies designed to meet your company's true marketing needs. Our services are tailored to each customer and not a one-size fits all. We incorporate Social Media Marketing with traditional marketing relations methods to effectively raise awareness to your products and or services to prospective target audiences. Sahar’s passion, creativity and international exposure allow her branding and positioning your products and services within different industries to different markets.

To transform a company's marketing performance from average to superior, Sahar Consulting, LLC. offers services divided into the following steps of marketing plan development:

  • Business and marketing plans.

  • Inbound (Social Media Marketing: SMM) & Outbound (traditional) Marketing&Strategy Development.

  • Marketing planning and road mapping.

  • Marketing implementation.

  • Marketing performance evaluation.

Our experience will improve your marketing performance and profitability across B2C/ B2B industries by applying:

  • Strategic Planning and SWOT analysis

  • Branding (Corporate and Product) & Positioning by identifying segmented targets.

  • Quantitative& Qualitative Market Research Strategy.

  • Focus Group Moderating / Executive Interviews

  • Marketing Strategy & Plan Development

  • Business Plan development.

  • Communications Planning.

  • Team / Project Management.

  • Team Building training and exercises.

Sahar Consulting, LLC is here to help you develop and grow your dream into a global business. Let us help you create a successful business plan and watch it blossom. Our experts will develop ideas that solve your most complex and pressing global organizational challenges. Our international experience and holistic approach is what makes us successful.

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