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Why should I use Sahar Consulting, LLC?

At, Sahar Consulting, LLC. We see your employees as your number one Asset and deal with them that way, we believe when you value people you get value back. Our priority is to tailor each leadership facilitating program to ensure that the content remains relevant and contributes value.
Our team members are professionals who understand the importance of aligning people, performance and leadership to achieve organizational goals.
Since its inception, Sahar Consulting, LLC has maintained a 4.86 attendee satisfaction rate out of a possible 5.0 for the trainings we have developed.

Our methodology for assembling this team is due to our working relationship, their familiarity with Sahar Consulting’s processes and systems, and their track record for delivering on-time, within budget and to exacting client standards in addition to their deep understanding on the topics of interpersonal skills, Leadership, diversity, inclusion, cultural competence, communication and EEO/ADA.
All of our independent consultants and trainers are industry veterans with highly achieved academics and decades of experience that is greatly valued in the leadership and training fields

Why do I need to use a consulting/ coaching agency?

Every GREAT achiever either a renown athlete or a superstar have used or is using advisors and consultants at a point of their career. The owners of small to medium size businesses find it hard to keep pace with all the changes and innovations going on today like in technology, social media and networking, web2.0, beside attending to their sales goals, marketing and run their businesses as well.
As the business world moves fast and whoever waits looses, having a guide or an experienced consultant is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Your consultant will offer you years of experience providing valuable insight to help you develop long-term and short term goals and strategies, as well as improve your business in needed areas. They will be a part of your organization redefining your goals and help you increase your profit margins and sales revenues so you can concentrate on more important matter and dedicate more time to relax. Sahar Consulting, LLC. will become your marketing and sales director, your training and motivational coach to you and to your employees instilling leadership skills in your managers to create the autonomy to run your business smoothly after that.

How does it work?

Every business is unique in its mission and goals even if they share the same industry. We will focus on:
Know where is your business is NOW
Clarify and set your goals and milestones
Show and plan how to get there
We will confer with you and/or with some of your managers as long as you need us to from few hours to full days to summarize a plan of action that will include your position,
goals, challenges, business processes, your dreams etc…
We will work with you step by step as long as you need us, anytime you need. We will train your managers/ employees how to keep on track after our job is done. Our program offers retaining us for consulting as long as you need.

We will work for you and with you for at least 6 months till we identify the factors of your success and we might need 6 more months to propel you forward and ensure your success, we will offer:
Weekly consulting calls
Office visits
Create a new marketing plan and steps specially in social marketing
Develop sale strategies
Training sessions
Team building sessions
Business Development
Measure your success
Help you overcome your challenges and obstacles

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