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"Thank you so much for participating in the Women Leadership Conference on Saturday. I poked my head in for a couple minutes, but heard RAVE reviews about your session. People LOVED you!
I'm so glad that you were able to get involved and meet new people. I'm even happier to have you as a member of our Chapter - thanks for your hard work & dedication to empowering women! 

Lindsey Horvath - Interim President for NOW (National Organization Of Women): Hollywood Chapter & Past Councilwoman at the City of West Hollywood"



Your class yesterday was exactly what I needed to revive me.  As I continue my job search, I've often felt lost and realized how much I define myself through my job.   You've given me the tools to start the process of figuring out what I truly want and how to get it.  

Thank you again for your great advice and teachings. 

T. Wilson,

T.V. & Film Producer.


Dear Sahar,

On behalf of the West Hollywood Women’s Leadership Conference Steering Committee, thank you for coming out and facilitating the workshop: “Dream, Set, and Achieve:  Set Your Goals and Make It Happen!”

 We’ve received great feedback from the conference already and one of the highlights was your workshop!  Not only was the conference a success but it was also the best one yet and we have you to thank for that! 

 Again, on behalf of the West Hollywood Women’s Leadership Conference Steering Committee, THANK YOU! 

 John Erickson

 City of West Hollywood


When we first started working with Sahar there were some small but critical gaps in our social media efforts at the time. Within literally just a few weeks of consulting with Sahar and implementing her strategies, we experienced real, tangible results. Not only did she have the answers to our questions, but she knew how to put them into practice. If you have questions about your social strategy, I strongly suggest you connect with Sahar.
Tom Aiezza
Co-Owner at Jungo Toys
Sahar is a thorough expert in the field of teaching and presenting social media. Her approach to learning is organized and logical and therefore as a student, I understood the concepts. We have worked together several times and each time I continue to learn and understand the subject matter; I have confidence to incorporate and apply all forms of social media into ny business outreach. Her integrity, humor and consistency all creates a positive atmosphere for learning.
Mary FitzGerald, NCPFM
Food Safety Compliance Consultant| Food Danger Zone Consultant|Food Safety Compliance trainer| ServSafe Trainer& Proctor
Sahar is a great trainer, she runs a great class and makes sure that everyone is engaged in the session. All here content is informative and relevant to today's working environment. I learned many great concepts and techniques from attending her sessions.
Marvin Lemus  
Leadership Development Consultant| Human Capital Development| Employee Engagement| Leadership training
Sahar is an amazing workshop leader and facilitator. I attended a workshop that she conducted on stress reduction and time management. Her presentation was engaging, easy to follow and filled with useful information. Following her workshop, I left with a better understanding of how to manage my time better. If you have an opportunity to attend one of Sahar's workshops, then do it. You will not be disappointed with what you take away from it.
Barbara Elizabeth Rudd, MBA
Designer and CMO at Second Wind Creations

Sahar was extremely influential at the Circle of Change leadership conference. Her expertise and advice have allowed me to become a more successful student, leader, and person. I feel I am equipped with the insight and knowledge to really contribute in class discussions and job interviews thanks to her. I would definitely recommend her.
Nicole Campbell
at University of West Florida
I had Sahar serve as a leadership workshop presenter and guest panelist for our annual Circle of Change Leadership Conference this past year. 
Her amazing wealth of knowledge and wisdom not only received great reviews from all the student leaders that had an opportunity to hear her speak, but they continued to rave about her on facebook as well. 
I highly recommend Sahar for any speaking opportunity! She is an amazing women that gives her clients 110% at all times. And, she will get you the results that you desire! 
Joshua Fredenburg

National Leadership Development Expert

Mrs. Andrade is a captivating motivational and educational speaker. I went to one of her conferences at the Circle of Change Leadership Conference and drew extensive knowledge from her about Linked in. Before this, I knew very little about this networking site. I also went to her diversity workshop and was quite impressed with her speaking abilities. She is a fountain of knowledge and I would like to see her again!
Talina Guerrero
Organizational Leadership Development, Human Capital Coordinator

Sahar reminded me that multi-culture is an everyday happening and a natural progression of life, all of us blending together for a colorful world.

Diane Goodrich: San Gabriel Chamber Of Commerce Board member



Sahar.  The retreat was fantastic and thank you again for the wonderful presentation on Saturday.  I learned a lot about myself and my fellow board members.  This will help propel us to many more great years at the Chamber to come.

Dr. Michael Giang: Giang Chiropractic & Massage



I want to thank you for providing us with the tools to help us become a better communicating Chamber board. What you taught us will certainly help us when we have our meetings both with the board and our committees. Let's just hope we remember what color hat to where at the appropriate time.

Cheryl Weissend:  San Gabriel Chamber Of Commerce Board



"Sahar combines the best qualities of pragmatism and innovative thinking. Her respectful approach usually gains immediate acceptance and confidence of clients. Sahar has the uncanny ability to paint clear and compelling pictures with words. This critically important skill keeps her clients focused and attracts resources needed for success.

Our company is impressed with the philosophical approach of Sahar Consulting. Clearly the task of business consulting will only be achieved by using a comprehensive approach, that requires an ongoing dialog convened in a culturally safe place. On the radio or the phone or one on one meetings, I have witnessed Sahar’ experience, skills and vision utilized to achieve remarkable business growth for myself and her other clients. 
I highly recommend Sahar Consulting Company as an effective professional company"”

James Davis: President: National Institute of Community Enlightenment (NICE Corp)



Testimonial Video from the Graduation of the BNLP Leadership Program for the City Of Burbank facilitated by "Sahar Andrade"






“Sahar is one of the most knowledgeable consultants I have ever worked with. She has a great deal of subject matter information on social media and strategic marketing. She has assisted me in understanding how critical marketing on e-platforms are to my business and then developed a realistic plan to accomplish my goals. 

Sahar also has great insight on how people connect to one another. She is strategic in her thinking and understands how to develop a project and then complete the tactical execution. Sahar Andrade has my highest recommendation. Anyone who utilizes her services will be fortunate to have her as a part of their team.” 

Julius Pryor III: SVP Global Diversity Strategy at Your Talent Bridge



“Sahar gave an eye opening explanation of the importance of social media as a marketing tool in the world today. She is at ease in front of a crowd and has an excellent on stage demure. Her presentation was clear and focused with a matching PowerPoint.” 

Kenneth Guertin: Employment Services Coordinator, Goodwill Industries Southern Los Angeles County


“I had the pleasure of attending Sahar’s workshop, “The Independent Leader & the Team Player: How to Be Both with Grace & Style”, at the West Hollywood Women’s Leadership Conference. What came through immediately was Sahar’s genuine passion for the subject. She was an engaging speaker who provided insight with a positive energy.” 

Adrienne Napier: Talent Acquisition Coordinator at CODA Automotive, Inc.



“I've had the pleasure of listening to many speeches Sahar as given on multiple topics, including speeches relating to social media and diversity. If you're looking for a speaker with personality, but professionalism, I highly recommend Sahar for your engagement. She'll not only entertain your audience, but will educate them as well.” 

Gina Galbo: Creative, 21st Century Design Group



“I have had the pleasure to meet Sahar Andrade 3 Months ago through a connection at the 4th Annual conference of the Women of West Hollywood. Through this conference, i was able to attend a workshop on leadership in a multicultural work place animated by Sahar. I was highly surprised by the level of competence Sahar has. Sahar is an amazing woman and a motivational speaker. She excelled in her presentation about leadership and she was able to bring the attention of all the guests who have shown a great appreciation to her skills. I had also the privilege to attend another workshop animated by Sahar at on social media use. And as always, Sahar was excellent in her presentation. Her communication, leadership skills are unique and her pro-activity, determination and the great passion about the work she does, makes her a great role model for any young woman. I recommend Sahar to anybody looking for a speaker with a diverse background, a well rounded education, and great communication skills. I certainly believe that Sahar got it all. 
Houssna Jabir:
Program Coordinator, Women in Technology Program



“Sahar was hired to train our company on Cultural  Competence , at which she is an expert. She is extremely detailed oriented and works very well with my colleagues, and is always on time, be it to work or working against a deadline. 

I would not hesitate to use her services again, If you are even vaguely considering diversity or cultural competence t, this is the lady to hire.” 

Al Partington: CPA: Principal Partington and Partners



“Sahar knows her stuff as a social media consultant. She is knowledgeable and patient as she works clients through understanding social media. I strongly recommend her to anyone. Thanks Iyabo Asani”

Iyabo Asani - Career Coach



“Sahar is very professional and has performed excellent consulting and speaking services for our organization Los Angeles Airline Managers Association. She has thorough knowledge of Diversity, and Social Media. I would recommend Sahar to any person or company considering retaining her services. Wally Sumner President The Travel Group Inc.”

Wally Sumner: Owner of the Travel Group 



“Sahar and I formed a natural partnership when we discovered many shared goals, both professional and personal. I am impressed by her vast experience in the global market, her deep understanding of Diversity Awareness and its value to the workforce, as well as her intelligence about social networking.”

Wendy E. GoldmanPresident , GeroBiz



“When I think of how to describe Sahar, the most relevant word is "Powerhouse". She is a wealth of knowledge for anyone seeking marketing guidance; her cultural diversity expertise is vast; she is one of the most engaging public speakers across multiple topics I have seen; and she's genuine - which could be the most important attribute. While working with Sahar, I've found her to be personable, practical and reliable. I recommend her work without hesitation!”

Andrea Tyndale: Principal at Aspiring Women Now



“Sahar is the utmost professional! She is intelligent, dynamic and has great energy. Incredibly smart and worldly she is a generator of ideas and mastermind at successful implementation. Her creativity in business in unparalleled and she is definitely the fuel of any company she works with.”

Jennifer Pastorini, Regional Sales Director , AOL venture:



“With pleasure I highly recommend Sahar Andrade for whatever project she is hired to do. I have known Sahar now for several years, and on several occasions I had the pleasure to co-operate with her. Starting from my first contact with her I personally was inspired by her extreme brilliant business orientated mind, coordinating skills, professional layouts and fast responses all this combined with her outmost friendly character and a today rare sense of humor let us to become more then business acquaintances. It always was, is and will be an honor to work with her on any project she chooses, she has my full confidence and her ideas are an asset for any company. I wish her all best in whatever she will choose to do in the future. Should you enquire more information please do not hesitate to contact me under Martina Schröter”

Martina Schröter GM at GRANITS A.E. Athens, Greece

Sample of Thank you letters: 

Women Leadership Conference 2011

California Diversity Council

P.O.W.E.R. Collaborative

City of West Hollywood recommendation letter

Coca-Cola thank you letter

IEP thank you letter

Deloitte thank you letter

Procter& Gamble (P&G) thank you letter


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