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Social Networking is like being at a live cocktail party only with no constraint of time or place where you meet people carry conversations, build relationships and exchange business cards.


Social Networks are online meeting places that allow consumers and influencers to create, share, interact and build content:

  • Examples: Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Amazon, Wikipedia, Flickr, Digg, Technorati, newsvine.


Anyone can connect with anyone from every corner in the world by using Social media Networks as: Facebook, bebo, Xing, Friendster, gather, care2, LinkedIn, Twitter, gather, myspace etc…

Anyone can promote anything to anyone by using: Mixx, reddit, digg, skirt, propeller, stumbleupon, Squidoo, newsvine, delicious etc…


Social Media Landscape

Social media landscape is very noisy there are hundreds of Social Networks if not thousands, so the need to differentiate between their functions, niche and uses become a necessity and not a luxury.  That is why a good Social Media strategy has to be put in place, depending on the nature of each business and their target customers; it is not a one size fits all.  The following examples are the different channels of Social Media:

1.  Communication:

Blogs, micro-blogs, social networking, Google, Yahoo such as: Blogger, Wordpress, Twitter, Facebook.

2.  Collaboration:

Social bookmarking and discussion forums sites such as: Digg, Newsvine, Magnolia, Stumbleupon, Yelp.

3.  Multi-media sites:

Multi-media sites share photos and videos such as: Flickr, SmugMug, YouTube, HuluTV, JustinTV, Viddler and

4.  Entertainment/ Virtual sites:

Virtual worlds, games, online gambling and the Harry Potter World such as: Second Life, world warcraft, SparkleIM, Harry Potter world.





                                    These are the 3 most used social media networks/ channels:




  • LinkedIn is the only professional network online with 200+ million members worldwide, 50% in the United States.
  • Average income on LinkedIn is $109,000/year.
  • Primary Demographics: 35 to 55.
  • Fortune 500 companies are on LinkedIn.
  • Decision-makers and CEOs are on LinkedIn.
  • Connections are 1ry, 2ry and 3ry degree network.
  • Used to establish one’s credibility and expertise, it also helps business development.
  • LinkedIn is a great forum for job seekers as well.
  • Ideal for: Corporations, recruiters, branding, business ventures, service providers, associations, marketing and sales companies.
  • Metrics: Connections, Best answers, expert list, group discussions and number of answers in the Q&A forum.
  • Helpful tools: Applications like, slideshare, bloglink. reading list, events and network updates.
  • Challenges: Time consuming, limited applications.



If Facebook was a country it would be the third largest country with 1 BILLION users, right after China (1.3 billion people), and India (1.2 billion people). 

  • 843 million active users; 463 MILLION DAILY ACTIVE USERS
  • #1 photo-sharing site.
  • Primary demographics: 25 to 35 though 50+ and 70+ age ranges have been increasingly using Facebook.
  • Great for entertainment, branding and non-profits. 
  • 6 million+ active groups.
  • The highest ranking Fan pages are: Obama, Nutella, Dr. House and Twilight.
  • Business/ Fan pages exist. Ads are very targeted by location, age, gender, title, income etc… and it is set as per the advertiser budget.
  • Metrics: Likes, Fans, comments, wall posts
  • Helpful tools: Applications, Analytics, Connect, Events, ad interface.
  • Challenges: Few professionals take Facebook and its advertising seriously as a business channel.



  • Micro-blogging site that allows up to 140 characters.
  • Primary demographic: 35 to 45 years old.
  • Provides updates about “What are you doing now” in real-time.
  • Flexibility lies in the capability to update status from the web, IM or cell phones.
  • Ideal for service industry, best used for customer service, consumer insight, sales& Marketing.
  • Traffic has increased 800% in one year.
  • 6 million active users.
  • Used by news media during Iran elections.
  • The Obama Administration, Presidential Candidates, Southwest, use Twitter.
  • Is an application on LinkedIn.
  • Metrics: Followers, @replies, Retweets, Mentions
  • Best tools: Tweetdeck, Twitscoop, Social Oomph, Twitalyzer, CoTweet.
  • Challenges: Noisy, limitations, spam.


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