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Self Branding/Brand Yourself
For job seekers

Advanced LinkedIn Strategies for Job Seekers

How to leverage LinkedIn to get your next job

Brand management is the application of marketing techniques to a specific product, brand, or even a person. It seeks to increase the person/ product's perceived value to their audience and thereby increase brand equity. A brand is seen as an implied promise that the level of quality people have come to expect from a brand will continue with future trading with it.

But, a brand is not limited to big companies like BMW, Coca-Cola or to artists like Paris Hilton, or Brad Pitt & Angelina, we all have our own brands either we are aware of it or not.  A brand is how people around us perceive us, what we transmit as a message to others, without even talking.

What is “Self - branding/Brand Yourself”

Personal/ Self branding is simply positively grabbing someone’s attention by creating a unique unforgettable image.  Personal branding, by definition, is the process by which we market ourselves to others.  Each one of us has to develop their own USP “Unique Selling Proposition” to communicate our brand, as the big corporations do.



The self-branding exercise

The “My brand” exercise starts by thinking about 3 things you are very passionate about (loving chocolate is not one of them) and 3 things other people think you excel at.

It is a process that has 4 steps: DCCM

  • Discover: What is your brand (As described above)
  • Create: your USP
  • Communicate: Promote your USP
  • Maintain: keep adding new content and manage your brand reputation

Your USP should be one concise sentence that best describes you, who you are, how unique you are, your biggest strength and how you can benefit anyone that hires you or your services (Clients or employers). 

The sentence should demonstrate who you are, your biggest strength and how you benefit your company.



Self branding and the famous MIX of the 4Ps

Self branding is all about leveraging marketing and its famous MIX: The 4 Ps


     1-   Product: Which is you

     2-   Promotion: what to use, which social media networks, which associations etc…

     3-   Price: How much are you services worth or how much should be your salary

     4-   Place: Where to expand


Social Media tools have leveled the playing ground and have enabled us to reach amazing altitudes, at the cost of our time, but the ROI is way worth it.



We can help you brand yourself in one-on-one sessions to help you get the job of your dreams



Do it today, tomorrow is another day out of a job

$87.00/ Hour

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