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 Public Speaking

Sahar started her public speaking in 1991, traveling throughout the whole United States marketing a destination product to different audiences. 


She continued with her public speaking as a part of her work in the different positions she held, also being a Competent Communicator Toastmaster,she enjoys connecting with her audiences and always adds a personal twist of her own sense of humor. 


Sahar has delivered presentations and speeches in the Middle East, Europe and the United States to corporations, associations, healthcare industries, educational institutions and different conferences and seminars on topics such as “Cross-Cultural Competence", "Global Leadership", "Diverse Team Building", "Social Marketing”, “Effect of Cultural diversity on Business Etiquettes”, “Self-Branding”, “Cultural Awareness in the workplace”, and “Effect of Cross-Cultures on Marketing", "Influence of  Diversity on global Marketing". "Empowering women" and motivating them. 




                                             Click here to view Sahar's Speaker Sheet


What is unique about Sahar's speeches is that they are passionate from the heart, she learned Diversity and culture appreciation hands-on growing up in a diplomatic family, moving around the globe.  Her experiences are hands-on and not read in a book or studied in a course.


Her audiences are motivated as they learn how they can shift their perception on their life and work. Also important is the work she does educating organizations and their employees on how important is engaging in a positive work environment.

Since the age of four years old, she lived, been educated, and worked in seven countries across three continents.  She speaks five languages (English, French, Spanish, Arabic, and Hebrew).  Her international experiences, travel and languages help her navigate through different cross-cultural barriers and build bridges between gaps.


Ms. Andrade gave speeches and or presentations in the last 6 months at:

  •     PIHRA Diversity& Leadership Summit 2012
  •  City of Burbank
  •  PIHRA District 11
  •     East Los Angeles Rotary Club
  •     LA County, DPW: Women Leadership Conference
  •    Cal. State Long Beach: Leadership Circle of Change Conference: Diversity in leadership
  •    Cal. State Long Beach: Circle of Change; Social Media Strategies
  •    National Management Association- Burbank Chapter
  •   Los Angeles Convention Center “West Coast Career Expo”
  •  USC Campus
  •  Woodbury University
  •   City Of West Hollywood
  •     Los Angeles County “Department of Public Works”
  •   Association of Fundraisers Professionals in CA
  •   Texas Diversity Council
  •   California Diversity Council
  •   Diversity& Inclusion Conference
  •   Women leadership Conference for the City Of West Hollywood
  •   San Gabriel Chamber of Commerce members
  •   San Gabriel Chamber of Commerce Board members annual retreat
  •   A major non-profit organization helping homeless people in Los Angeles
  •   Burbank Leadership Alumni Association
  •  Burbank Leadership Neighborhood Program (Facilitator)
  • W Conference in Winnipeg, Canada
  • Los Angeles Urban League
  • Los Angeles 




Sahar's Public Speaking Album


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